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The StaPa treasurer has the serious responsibility to take care about the StaPa budget. The treasurer therefore has a say regarding the costs for all activities. Sometimes the treasurer has to refrain the costly aspirations of fellow organizers regarding such and such activities! This position demands a level headed person, who will work closely with the president. It’s a powerful position in StaPa, which is always nice 😉

A single treasurer is preferred as it will help to keep the books straight.


2016-2017 : Thomas Labadie
2015-2016 : Thomas Labadie
2014-2015 : Cécile Troupin
2013-2014 : Emmanuel Quemin
2012-2013 : Chloe Connan
2011-2012 : Chloe Connan
2010-2011 : Fernando Guimaraes
2009-2010 : Miguel Dias Lopes
2008-2009 : Miguel Dias Lopes
2007-2008 : Ines Sequeira
2006-2007 : Ines Sequeira
2005-2006 : Jost Enninga
2004-2005 : Ninog Peresse
2003-2004 : Encarnita Ferrandiz
2002-2003 : Mireille Centlivre

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