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The treasurer manages the StaPa bank account.

With the president he suggests an annual budget in the beginning and keeps a close eye on respect of this budget along the year. With the bureau, he is involved in discussions with the Pasteur Direction for funding proposals or extra fundings to be negociated.

For every StaPa project, he makes sure that invoices are paid, people reimbursed or sometimes buy directly necessary things. Consequently, he is more or less involved in every projects of the association.

He is also in charge of the logistics for the Friday Social Hour, by ordering drinks every 3-4 months and counting donations collected during these events.

His work also provides an important part of the StaPa archives, by recording every invoices and budgets.

As everyone else in the bureau/committee, he is involved as much as he wants in organization of social and scientific events.


2017-2018 : Justine Basset, Alexis Voegele
2016-2017 : Thomas Labadie
2015-2016 : Thomas Labadie
2014-2015 : Cécile Troupin
2013-2014 : Emmanuel Quemin
2012-2013 : Chloe Connan
2011-2012 : Chloe Connan
2010-2011 : Fernando Guimaraes
2009-2010 : Miguel Dias Lopes
2008-2009 : Miguel Dias Lopes
2007-2008 : Ines Sequeira
2006-2007 : Ines Sequeira
2005-2006 : Jost Enninga
2004-2005 : Ninog Peresse
2003-2004 : Encarnita Ferrandiz
2002-2003 : Mireille Centlivre

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