Organization of StaPa activities

Each year, the different social and scientific StaPa activities are distributed among the members of the StaPa bureau and committee, according to availabilities and preference. Monthly StaPa meetings are scheduled to (re)define these activities, report advances, bring ideas, take new decisions etc. These meetings are open to the whole StaPa community whose ideas and help […]

StaPa elections

Each year, in September/October, StaPa organizes the election of the new StaPa bureau and committee. In fact most positions are open to several candidates, so the vote is generally restricted to the president. These elections are open to the whole StaPa community (i.e. members who have subscribed to the StaPa mailing list) who can vote and present […]


The StaPa committee is not bound to any task in particular, but provides help to the bureau in all sorts of ways. A committee member can provide help in little things but also undertake bigger tasks and responsibilities depending on his or her’s initiative, motivation and ideas. This is an ideal position for someone who […]


The StaPa webmasters are the keepers of the mailing list, the facebook page, the twitter account and maintain StaPa’s internal webcampus page and external website (here!). This is key to attract new StaPa members and communicate events and activities around. The webmaster mission is to always improve the visual aspect of the website and maintain pertinent […]


The StaPa treasurer has the serious responsibility to take care about the StaPa budget. The treasurer therefore has a say regarding the costs for all activities. Sometimes the treasurer has to refrain the costly aspirations of fellow organizers regarding such and such activities! This position demands a level headed person, who will work closely with the president. It’s a […]


The secretaries have an important role maintaining a record of all StaPa meetings, internal and external. This helps efficiency and avoids redundancy in meetings about who is in charge of what, when, etc. Secretaries have a global vision of the StaPa activities undertaken and can find time to help with various activities if they feel like it! […]


The StaPa president is important to set the tone of StaPa each year within the bureau/committee and on campus. The president is at the forefront of relations with Pasteur administration and other official entities. The president makes sure that the StaPa activities are carried out according to plan and that the budget is controlled. Of course, the president is never […]

Vice President

VPs’ roles might seem vague but they are extremely important. VPs act as support of the president, saving him/her from drowning and are strong motors for Stapa. VPs will usually take part in the organisation of the main activities and make sure that everything goes well. There’s no restriction to one VP, the important point is that […]