The purpose of the communication officer is to set up a communication policy for the association, but also to support the project leaders in the realization, organization and dissemination of information. The simplification of procedures and their standardization are also two of the objectives incumbent upon it. Its activity is in direct contact with the […]


The committee is not bound to any task in particular but provides help to the bureau in all sorts of ways. A committee member can provide help in little things but also undertake bigger tasks and responsibilities depending on her or his initiative, motivation and ideas. This is an ideal position for people who wants […]


The webmaster is the keeper of the mailing list. She/he is the key to attract new StaPa members and communicates events and activities organized by the association. The webmaster maintains the internal webcampus page and external website as well as the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the association. Hence, skills in web-design are highly welcomed. […]


The treasurer manages the StaPa bank account. With the president she/he suggests an annual budget in the beginning and keeps a close eye on respect of this budget along the year. With the bureau, she/he is involved in discussions with the Pasteur Direction for funding proposals or extra funding to be negotiated. Her/his work also provides […]


The secretary has an important role maintaining a record of all internal and external StaPa meetings helping to avoid redundancy about who is in charge of what, when, etc. She/he has a global vision of the StaPa activities undertaken and can find time to help with various activities if they feel like it! There is no […]


The president is important to set the tone of StaPa each year within the bureau and the committee on campus. The president is at the forefront of relations with Pasteur administration and other official entities. She/he makes sure that the StaPa activities are carried out according to plan and that the budget is controlled. Of course, the president is […]

Vice President

The vice-president’ roles might seem vague but they are extremely important. Besides supporting the president and saving her/him from drowning, she/he usually takes part in the organisation of the main activities and makes sure that everything goes well. There is no restriction to one vice-president’, the important point is that she/he will push the association forward and […]