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The StaPa committee is not bound to any task in particular, but provides help to the bureau in all sorts of ways. A committee member can provide help in little things but also undertake bigger tasks and responsibilities depending on his or her’s initiative, motivation and ideas. This is an ideal position for someone who hesitates to join the StaPa bureau responsibilities, is unsure of his or her’s commitment but wants to be part of the game.

Come as much as you want in the committee, and all along the year. We always welcome some help.


2016-2017 : Laura Barrio Cano, Dylan Cherrier, Joel Diegues, Jibby Frantz, Marwah Karim, Alexandra Kumichel, Matthieu Fritz, Morgan Gaia, Samuel Hanot, Pedro Hernandez, Gonzalo Moratorio, Darragh O'Brien, Camille Rey, Laura Sinigaglia, Jorge Sousa, Jingshu Zhang
2015-2016 : Christiane Brenner, Laura Barrio Cano, Joel Diegues, Nizar Fawal, Jibby Frantz, Sonja Kuhn, Vincent Legros, Gonzalo Moratorio, Camille Rey, Dwayne Roach, Cecile Troupin, Jingshu Zhang