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The secretaries have an important role maintaining a record of all StaPa meetings, internal and external. This helps efficiency and avoids redundancy in meetings about who is in charge of what, when, etc. Secretaries have a global vision of the StaPa activities undertaken and can find time to help with various activities if they feel like it!

There’s no restriction to one secretary and having several secretaries is really helpful to assure the presence of one at every meeting.


2017-2018 : José Américo Nabuco L F de Freitas
2016-2017 : Bianca Balbino, Nowsheen Mullani
2015-2016 : Carolina Mizuno, Darragh O'Brien
2014-2015 : Moses Evbuomwan, Camille Rey
2013-2014 : Moses Evbuomwan, Kasie Raymann
2012-2013 : Juliane Lippmann, Pierre Maisonneuve
2011-2012 : Marine Malbec, David Hardy
2010-2011 : Olaya Rendueles Garcia
2009-2010 : Mélanie Béraud, Séverine Collin
2008-2009 : Mélanie Béraud, Morgane Dolez
2007-2008 : Ana Antunes, Dorothée Le Guyader
2006-2007 :
2005-2006 : Muriel Tauzin
2004-2005 : Guillemette Masse
2003-2004 : Alice Lebreton
2002-2003 : Valérie Soulard