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The StaPa webmasters are the keepers of the mailing list, the facebook page, the twitter account and maintain StaPa’s internal webcampus page and external website (here!). This is key to attract new StaPa members and communicate events and activities around. The webmaster mission is to always improve the visual aspect of the website and maintain pertinent information! Hence, skills in webdesign are highly welcomed. This is a fun and creative position in StaPa.

There’s no restriction to one webmaster and the functions can be easily split according to the skills of everyone.


2017-2018 : José Américo Nabuco L F de Freitas
2016-2017 : Magdalena Gil, Camille Rey
2015-2016 : Matthieu Fritz, Pedro Hernandez-Cerda, Julien Karim Malet
2014-2015 : Nizar Fawal
2013-2014 : Christophe Becavin
2012-2013 : Christophe Becavin
2011-2012 : Susanne Duncker
2010-2011 : Julia Forman
2009-2010 : Elie Toledano
2008-2009 : Dorothée Le Guyader
2007-2008 :
2006-2007 :
2005-2006 :
2004-2005 :
2003-2004 :
2002-2003 :