PhD ceremony


Since 2013, the Institut Pasteur has held the annual ceremony in honor of PhD students who recently defended their thesis. For the second time, some of the most brilliant graduates of the RIIP will have the good fortune to participate.

This award ceremony is one of the major highlights of the academic year, and a fantastic opportunity for graduates to celebrate their hard work and academic accomplishment with family and friends.

Graduation is the culmination of a long and challenging, but ultimately rewarding journey. If you are about to graduate, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you good luck and to congratulate you.

Since two years StaPa is actively helping in the organization of the PhD ceremony. 

In particular we are helping in the set up of the party taking place at the end of the ceremony and in arranging the performances that are taking place during and after the ceremony.

You have the opportunity to show your talent during the PhD ceremony!
It will be a short performance, nothing to be worried or nervous about ;-)! Instead it would be the right occasion to enjoy and celebrate with your newly graduated friends and colleagues. But most of all you will highly contribute to make this day successful 🙂

Don’t hesitate to write us, if you are interested in performing during the PhD ceremony.

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