How to achieve equality in science

Dear all,   We are pleased to announce the Workshop How to achieve equality in science, Monday March 12th, starting from 14:00 at the Amphitheater Duclaux.   We asked the speakers to focus on the actions for equality and how these actions can affect the career of young researchers. See the Program below!   We […]

Brazilian Carnival Party

  This year, our Carnival Party will be as colorful as the Brazilian flag!   Put your imagination to work and come dressed with the four Brazilian flag colors:   Green, that represents the nature and the Brazilian rain forests; Yellow, depicting the wealth of this prosperous country; Blue, as our rivers and sky; White, expressing our […]

StaPa photo contest

Terms and Conditions   Basic Rules You must be at least 18 years of age to register for the contest Please do not post any photographs or content that are obscene, vulgar, pornographic, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or which otherwise violate any local or international laws.   At 300 ppi (pixels per inch) the […]


The StaPa committee is not bound to any task in particular, but provides help to the bureau in all sorts of ways. A committee member can provide help in little things but also undertake bigger tasks and responsibilities depending on his or her’s initiative, motivation and ideas. This is an ideal position for someone who […]

Education Newsletter

Since 2016 StaPa is collaborating with the Ed. Department and helps writing articles for the Education Newsletter. If you want to read some of them, you can have a look here In the Ed. Newsletter number 4 you can find the article about StaPa The Importance of (Being) StaPa (Building the Scientific Community of Tomorrow […]

PhD ceremony

PhD GRADUATION CEREMONY  Since 2013, the Institut Pasteur has held the annual ceremony in honor of PhD students who recently defended their thesis. For the second time, some of the most brilliant graduates of the RIIP will have the good fortune to participate. This award ceremony is one of the major highlights of the academic […]


The StaPa webmasters are the keepers of the mailing list, the facebook page, the twitter account and maintain StaPa’s internal webcampus page and external website (here!). This is key to attract new StaPa members and communicate events and activities around. The webmaster mission is to always improve the visual aspect of the website and maintain pertinent […]


The treasurer manages the StaPa bank account. With the president he suggests an annual budget in the beginning and keeps a close eye on respect of this budget along the year. With the bureau, he is involved in discussions with the Pasteur Direction for funding proposals or extra fundings to be negociated. For every StaPa project, […]


The secretaries have an important role maintaining a record of all StaPa meetings, internal and external. This helps efficiency and avoids redundancy in meetings about who is in charge of what, when, etc. Secretaries have a global vision of the StaPa activities undertaken and can find time to help with various activities if they feel like it! […]