StaPa Direction 2023/2024 – Elections

November 28-30, 2023

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Welcome to the page dedicated to the elections for the renewal of the StaPa Direction Board.

This is the first election round to be held since the declaration of StaPa as an official registered association under the French law in 2022.
For a better understanding of the association's workings, rules, and goals, please take some time to read the statute (link).


You will find in this page all the candidatures received to cover the different direction positions, with a presentation and motivation statement from each candidate.

To be eligible to vote, ensure you are a registered StaPa member by 23:59 on Monday, November 27th.

You can register for membership at, the registration is completed only when you receive the confirmation email with the virtual member card. Please contact us at if you encounter any difficulty. Membership registration is a crucial step, and only registered members will be eligible to cast their votes.

On Tuesday, November 28th, all members will receive an anonymous voting link in their Pasteur email boxes, ensuring a confidential and secure voting experience.

The results will be announced on December 1st during the General Assembly.


Presentation of the candidates

Remigiusz Walocha  - 2nd year PhD candidate
I am applying for the position as President of StaPa to renew the spirit of StaPa. The pandemic was a tough time for the association, and it was thanks to the current president Valerio Laghi that it even survived. Now when StaPa has become an official association, it is more important than ever to continue to maintain the survival of our beloved organisation. As President, I would like to make sure that StaPa reaches its full potential, focusing on the member´s scientific and social needs. I have worked closely with the StaPa Bureau during these past months after the initiation of the collaboration with Piplettes where I have attended meetings with the Bureau. Through my work in the organisation of Social Hour, I have been greatly involved in the introduction of membership. Thanks to my acitivity in Piplettes, I often had to represent both associations/engagements at various scientific events such as the European Night of Researchers, Forum Biotechno, Double Science Festival and YRLS. It has further deepened my knowledge within the association, but also given me the opportunity to talk to students. I would like to incorporate the ideas of the students and members into StaPa to make it an association that reflects the needs of our members. If I would be elected President, I would work my hardest to ensure that the Direction and the Bureau work towards our common goals and make StaPa an important and valuable part of the Pasteurian campus life.
Project: I want to focus on re-establishing collaborations with other institutes and student associations at universities. This to further strengthen the role of students, and work as a united front together in questions that influence all of us. In addition, I would want to focus on the rights and situation of students and members locally on the Pasteur campus, and work with establishing a direct communication link with the Pasteur direction to make our voices heard. Pasteur offers a lot of opportunities with different services. I would like to increase the collaboration with these services (such as MAASC, DARRI, DEI and SuAW). Not only to make them known to people on campus and to help members to know their carrier opportunities, but also to work together to shed light on important matters such as inequalities and discrimination. Lastly, I would like to increase the communication between students and create a platform where students can meet and share knowledge.
Clarisabel GARCIA RODRIGUEZ  - 3RD year PhD candidate
II would like to apply for the position of Vice-President, given the experience I have gained as Treasurer over the past year. My time at the Direction has given me invaluable knowledge that I'd like to put to good use in propelling StaPa towards a more active, participative and collaborative direction. In particular, I spearheaded the creation of the Scientific Communications Committee, which has raised StaPa's profile within the Institut Pasteur and beyond. Thanks to this initiative, StaPa has actively participated in events such as the European Researchers' Night in 2022 and 2023, Pint of Science in 2023 and the Fête Double Science in 2023. These commitments have led to fruitful collaborations with various organizations dedicated to outreach, as well as fostering connections with
other Pasteur departments.

In addition, I am currently working with the Communications Department to explore a
partnership for the development of the Musée Pasteur, looking at the potential role StaPa could play in this project. My aim as Vice-President is to integrate these experiences, bring new perspectives and lead StaPa to continued growth and success.
Project: I am enthusiastic about driving the expansion of collaborations both within Institut Pasteur and externally, with the goal of providing StaPa members with opportunities to engage in scientific communication and career-oriented events. My vision includes sustaining our partnership with the Communications Department for Pint of Science 2024 and establishing new collaborations with Native scientists and Lectures Without Borders.
Additionally, I aspire to forge closer ties with universities to ensure comprehensive support for Ph.D. students, particularly those from international backgrounds. My focus will be on developing strategies to monitor the progress of these students and implementing measures to safeguard their mental health and overall well-being.
Furthermore, I am keen on fostering collaboration with associations from other research
institutes. This collaborative effort aims to create joint events that provide StaPa members with a platform to thrive in a holistic environment, encompassing scientific, professional, and social aspects.
Through these initiatives, I aim to contribute to the growth and fulfillment of StaPa
members in various dimensions of their academic and professional journeys.
Puck Näsman Norell - 3RD year PhD candidate
I am the current secretary in the StaPa Direction, and I would like to continue my work as secretary to further improve documentation and structure within the association. The role of the secretary is important in any organisation, where minutes from meetings ensure that members are informed of the activities within the association. As secretary I would like to improve the communication between StaPa and its members, ensuring that decisions made within the association reach its members. I was very active in the student union at my previous university Karolinska Institutet where I was secretary twice (amongst many other things). During my time there I updated many different documents, document templates, and regulations. I feel that my knowledge outside of StaPa and the knowledge I have acquired during the past year would be a good addition in the next Direction.  
Project: I would like to work on benefits for members, where StaPa Social Hour is an important part. I have taken an active role in the Social Hours during the past year, and I would want to further develop the SH to include more member-oriented events. This could include career development events, or events where science can be conveyed in a fun setting. I would also like to help in re-establishing collaboration with student associations from other universities and institutes around the greater Paris area, which was a reality before the pandemic. In addition, I strongly believe that the presence and interest of StaPa at Pasteur should be increased, to make sure that the association will continue its work over the years to come.
Mariángeles Kovacs Arévalo - POST-DOC
I want to join StaPa because we want to be part of the social network of PhD students and postdocs in Pasteur. I also think that is important to be involved in the organization of the activities and support StaPa as an organization.
Project: As treasurers, I would like to support the different projects that StaPa is involved in.  
I am pleased to apply for the IPIN representative position within StaPa, to contribute actively to fostering international collaboration, and advancing Institut Pasteur's global network. I bring robust skills in international liaison, facilitating partnerships, and coordinating initiatives. During my doctoral and postdoc journey, I have cultivated robust international collaborations with esteemed institutions like MBI Singapore, Max Planck Germany, and several labs within Paris.
My success in grant acquisition, securing a LABEX
Transition Postdoc grant 2020 followed by a Roux-Cantarini Fellowship 2022 at Institut Pasteur, underlines my adeptness in grant writing and securing fundingan essential aspect for collaborating with the Pasteur Network to drive StaPa's IPIN’s international initiatives forward. Notably, my collaborative efforts have significantly contributed to my PI’s successful ERC starting grant 2023, demonstrates my abilities for project development. In addition to that, I am one among three postdoc-rep of BCI dept and we have launched initiatives to establish a postdoc office to meet the needs and
welfare of postdocs in campus. Its noteworthy to mention the events that I have organized in campus that includes a BCI social hour, a laser patterning training by company PRIMO, and
I actively help my peers on StaPa social hours. Additionally, I actively share science on twitter endrosing Institut pateur, BCI dept and platforms; for instance, Im active in #microscopymonday #fluorescencefriday like threads. In summary, my track record in Scientific, Social, Organizational and Soft skills demonstrates my strength to promote, establish and expand StaPa's network as an IPIN representative.

Project: I'm eager to take on the IPIN representative role in StaPa and contribute to Institut Pasteur's global connections. Alongside with my present collaborations, I have ideas, to gather a diverse team within campus for IPIN, that includes folks from different countries and regions especially one where Pasteur's sister
institutes exist. This team will help us understand how funding and science work in these
regions. Together, we'll make sure our work in IPIN reflects everyone's input, not just one person's perspective. Additionally combining Paris postdoc seminars events that I organize as a BCI postdoc-rep with IPIN’s academic goals will be an effort to advertise and outreach for IPIN. Therefore, I strongly believe to have expressed my interest for a IPIN representative position and looking forward for my candidature in fore coming StaPa elections.


Anuradha Kar - POST-DOC
Throughout my academic career, I have worked at multiple international organizations like the Max Planck Institute, German Aerospace and National University of Ireland. I have several years of work experience in international research teams in interdisciplinary research domains of artificial intelligence with imaging and data science applications . I am living in France since the year 2019 and have worked in collaboration with Inria, Inrae, ENS Lyon, Paris Brain Institute and Sorbonne University, before coming to Institute Pasteur to work on the use of artificial intelligence models for drug discovery applications.
The position of IPIN representative is an important and interesting one as it has potential impact towards development of international scientific collaborations and networking between Institute Pasteur and other internationally acclaimed institutes. This position is attractive to me since its goals are aligned with my past and current work and volunteering experiences. I have been actively involved in grant writing for projects and international workshop events during the past years. I have also been responsible for organizing Doctoral/Post-doc scientific exchange events while working at the Paris Brain Institute between 2021-2022. I have organized and volunteered for various technical seminar/conference events around Paris and member of the organizing committee of an expatriate support group in Paris.
Project: If chosen as an IPIN representative, I would like to work on international women mobility programs, especially for international exchanges of female scientists who can work for few months in a foreign country as part of a collaboration network. This could be in the form of internships for junior aspirants and research visits for senior female researchers that can help them in gaining international exposure and foster collaboration opportunities. There are several existing grant programs that can be consulted for such projects.

I would also like to work towards Woman in STEM/Tech programs that would facilitate networking of women involved in any interdisciplinary research areas such as digital health/computer science/artificial intelligence/bioinformatics with goals towards developing ideas for startups and submitting joint research projects.

Other than this, I would also like to work for building StaPa satellite bureaus in different countries which could allow setting up of collaborations between regional institutes in both France and these countries. International collaboration and exchanges at all academic levels is currently one of the major ways of towards collective scientific advancement.


Bienvenue sur la page dédiée aux élections pour le renouvellement de la Direction de StaPa.

Il s'agit du premier tour d'élections depuis la déclaration de StaPa en tant qu'association officiellement enregistrée sous le droit français en 2022.
Pour une meilleure compréhension du fonctionnement, des règles et des objectifs de l'association, veuillez prendre le temps de lire les statuts (lien).

Vous trouverez sur cette page toutes les candidatures reçues pour les différents postes de la Direction, accompagnées d'une présentation et d'une déclaration de motivation de chaque candidat.

Pour être éligible au vote, assurez-vous d'être membre enregistré de StaPa avant 23 h 59 le lundi 27 novembre.
Vous pouvez vous inscrire en tant que membre sur ; l'inscription est complète uniquement lorsque vous recevez le courriel de confirmation avec la carte de membre virtuelle. Veuillez nous contacter à si vous rencontrez des difficultés.

Le mardi 28 novembre, tous les membres recevront un lien dans leur boîte e-mail Pasteur pour exprimer - de manière anonyme - leur vote en ligne, et auront jusqu'au jeudi 30 novembre à 19 h 00 pour voter.

Les résultats seront annoncés le 1er décembre lors de l'Assemblée Générale.

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