Living in Paris

Adjusting to a new lab, a different city and a different country can be a challenge! Here we provide some information to help you through your first steps in Pasteur and in Paris.


Administrative issues: obtaining a visa, getting health insurance, paying taxes, finding a lawyer...

We strongly recommend to contact the MAASCC service in Pasteur, a platform dedicated to orient you through these steps.

Since February 16 2019, the French adminstration has to accept every official public document issued in an EU state without translation into French (birth certificate, etc.). The EU regulation has been passed 2.5 years ago and since the 16th of February the 2.5 year transition time to "adopt to the new regulation" is over. So they are obliged to accept it in Spanish or Polish or Italian or whatever. Please also use this occasion to give your British friends a warm hug. More information:


Finding accommodation:

By subscribing to the Stapa mailing list, you will be notified by people in Pasteur searching for flatmates, leaving their apartments and trying to find a new tenant.

We of course also recommend the

You may also check this very useful website of the association ADIC from Institut Curie for a list of websites to find apartments.


Learning French:

You can get lessons through l'Alliance Française (if your contract is Pasteurien) or your mairie d'arrondissement.


Enjoying life in Paris:

Don't miss the StaPa integration days, we will take you to trips in the beautiful suburbs of Paris, out to theme parcs or out for barbecues!


Do not miss the typical Parisian brasseries, the pâtisseries, the museums and walk, walk, walk, this city is beautiful!


Enjoying life in Pasteur:

Come every Friday to our Stapa social hour to meet new people, talk some Science and get a feel of the Pasteurian atmosphere! You may find out about spontaneous lunches organized with people from your nationality or groups of people learning French together.

Inscribe yourself to a sport, there are many options check the ASIP website (Association Sportive de l'Institut Pasteur)

If you prefer music, you can contact la Pasteurale, the cultural association of Pasteur, or the choir association of Pasteur.