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Dear all,

Save the date Friday 20 of April !

Come to the EcoBio conference organized by Stapa to learn about environmental issues from a biology perspective !

In the first part of this half-day event explore how environmental changes can affect life with invited speaker Isabella Annesi-Maesano (Head of research at Inserm).

After a coffee break, discover how you can act on global warming/pollution:

As a scientist (use of biology to solve environmental problem), with invited speaker Alexander Demoor (phD student in Paris Diderot),

As a pasteurian (how the Institut Pasteur limits its carbon footprint), with a presentation of the Development durable department,

and as a citizen (easy ways to reduce your impact on the environment) with a short presentation by Mathieu De Jode (Stapa)

Finally, lets get together and share our experiences with a cocktail in the 25 !


The StaPa workshops are a series of meetings emphasizing interaction and exchange of information among specialists, focusing on skills development in a particular field or theme.



Postdoctoral Fellowship Workshop


StaPa organized the first “Postdoctoral Fellowship Workshop” on July 28th 2016. The workshop covered the following:

  • Identify fellowships for which you are eligible
  • Learn the most common mistakes people make
  • Find out why certain applications are successful
  • Fellowship Q & A Session

The workshop included a faculty presenter, a grant specialist from HR, and panel of current postdocs who successfully applied and were awarded a variety of fellowships. They shared their experiences as well as tips for preparing successful fellowship applications.

The workshop was organized in collaboration with MAASC and the Grants Office of Institut Pasteur.


Watch the 2016 talks: