Joint Retreat StaPa – YouPI 2018

This year, our International Retreat was organized in collaboration with YouPI (Young Researchers of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute) in Athens, Greece. We received 59 young researchers from four Pasteur Institutes from the International Network: Paris, Athens, Saint-Petersburg and Tunes. We had the honor to host Dr Peli Foka, Dr Rebecca Matsas, Dr Angèle Bénard and Dr Vivi Miriagou as our keynote speakers in […]

2nd International Retreat

   If you are still undecided if you should apply for the Join Retreat with Institut Pasteur Hellenique in Athens, this is your chance! The deadlines were extended in one week to assure that everyone will have the opportunity to present their work to their young peers.    This is the first joint retreat with an institute within […]

How to interview a potential PI and her/his lab members?

(Download Guideline-for-PhD.pdf)  This guideline will assess the personal expectations of the student regarding her/his PhD. This document aims to underline important questions that are sometimes underestimated regarding the student’s vision of how a PhD should be. These questions should be first considered by the student her/himself, and then used as a basis for the initial […]

Useful Info for PhD students_What do I expect from my PhD

(Download What-do-I-expect-from-my-PhD.pdf) This document is meant to help you to have a clear idea of how you envision your PhD. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself while reflecting on this subject. These questions should also be used to talk with your supervisor before starting the PhD and to check if your […]