Vice President

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VPs’ roles might seem vague but they are extremely important. VPs act as support of the president, saving him/her from drowning and are strong motors for Stapa. VPs will usually take part in the organisation of the main activities and make sure that everything goes well.

There’s no restriction to one VP, the important point is that VPs will push the association forward and are reliable to participate actively in the life of the association.


2017-2018 : Nicolas Malausse
2016-2017 : Sonja Kühn, Kartik Soni
2015-2016 : Benoit Besson, Alexandra Kumichel, Laura Sinigaglia
2014-2015 : Benoit Besson, Simeon Carstens
2013-2014 : Mathilde Cosse, Natalie Fischer
2012-2013 : Ambroise Lambert, David Hardy
2011-2012 : Raquel Hurtado, Nora Mellouk
2010-2011 : Ana Cristina Sotomayor, Fabrizia Stavru
2009-2010 : Soudeh Ehsani, Fernando Guimaraes
2008-2009 : Ines Sequeira, Elie Toledano
2007-2008 : Giorgia Pallafacchina
2006-2007 :
2005-2006 : Guillaume Desanti
2004-2005 : Guillaume Desanti, Gianfranco Grompone, Yi Hao, Fabrice Letimier
2003-2004 : Cécile Gasse, Patrick Schwarz
2002-2003 : Cyril Badaut, Marie Cherrier