Vice President

The vice-president’ roles might seem vague but they are extremely important. Besides supporting the president and saving her/him from drowning, she/he usually takes part in the organisation of the main activities and makes sure that everything goes well. There is no restriction to one vice-president’, the important point is that she/he will push the association forward and is reliable to participate actively in the life of the association.

2018-2019 : Elodie Pothin, Brenna Conin
2017-2018 : Nicolas Malausse
2016-2017 : Sonja Kühn, Kartik Soni
2015-2016 : Benoit Besson, Alexandra Kumichel, Laura Sinigaglia
2014-2015 : Benoit Besson, Simeon Carstens
2013-2014 : Mathilde Cosse, Natalie Fischer
2012-2013 : Ambroise Lambert, David Hardy
2011-2012 : Raquel Hurtado, Nora Mellouk
2010-2011 : Ana Cristina Sotomayor, Fabrizia Stavru
2009-2010 : Soudeh Ehsani, Fernando Guimaraes
2008-2009 : Ines Sequeira, Elie Toledano
2007-2008 : Giorgia Pallafacchina
2006-2007 :
2005-2006 : Guillaume Desanti
2004-2005 : Guillaume Desanti, Gianfranco Grompone, Yi Hao, Fabrice Letimier
2003-2004 : Cécile Gasse, Patrick Schwarz
2002-2003 : Cyril Badaut, Marie Cherrier